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Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

TIME5100/TH170 US$1,095.00

Portable hardness tester Time TH170

Hardness & tensile strength, memory

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Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

RHL70 US$995.00

Expended hardness scales & materials

Optional software, mini printer available

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Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

TIME5120/TH1100 US$995.00

Portable hardness tester TIME TH1100

Display hardness

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Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

GH100 US$995.00

Test hardness and tensile strength

OLED screen, optional software available

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What is "coupled" ?

Here is a short video showing what "coupling" means in hardness testing:

 Video 4

Warranty & Support

All instruments have warranty.

Technical support and repair service are available throughout the life of instruments.

Portable Rebound Hardness Tester

GH100DL US$1,395.00

2" long tip, OLED display

Memory, rechargeable battery

Optional software available

 Accessories: special support rings for

Leeb's rebound hardness testers

Improve accuracy on curved surfaces

For concave, convex or cylindrical shapes

Purchase special support rings online

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A portable rebound type hardness tester tests the hardness of metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper. It's also called a Leeb's hardness tester. Read the full content...

Although a rebound type portable hardness tester is handy and easy to use, please keep in mind all probes for rebound hardness testers have minimum requirements on thickness and weight of applications. The test results from a portable rebound hardness tester will be consistently lower than actual if parts don't meet the minimum requirements. Please consider our ultrasonic contact impedance UCI portable hardness testers if your samples are too thin or too light for a rebound hardness tester.